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Meet the Team - Our Story

ABC Children's Centre - An Inclusive Play Centre, and So Much More...

ABC is owned and run by the Hodgson family , Ged & Sarah, Georgia & Joe.

We have been together for 25 years, married over 21 years, and we have lived within a 20 minute walk of Moreton Cross for almost 10 years.

Ged was born in Greasby, so long ago that it was still in Cheshire.

He didn't have 1 grey hair before marrying Sarah.

Ged relaxes by... don't be silly. I don't get time to relax, with 2 young kids.

Sarah is from Chester, where she met Ged when she was only 17.

Any grey hairs she may have,, are definitely his fault.

She relaxes by crafting, especially Tunisian Crochet.

We have 2 young children:

Georgia, nearly 5, going on 15

HR Manager (tries bossing us around). and Chief Toy Tester (has to be 1st).

Joseph, AKA Joe, AKA Joe-Joe - Nearly 3, going on 73 -

Head of Entertainment - Our little old man is sure to keep you entertained when he's not in nursery, and he is not shy when it comes to asking guests to read him stories, or making friends with everybody he meets.


Our Story

ABC was made possible by a critical illness insurance settlement, after Ged was diagnosed with kidney cancer, in 2022. The kidney was quickly removed, and he is currently cancer free. 

Cut a long story short, we realised there would never be a better opportunity for us to start a business so that we could work together, avoid commuting, and hopefully provide for our children

We chose our unique combination of a play centre and shop selling mainly preloved children's goods, because knew here was a social need in our community. We were obviously not the only parents who struggled to afford even supermarket prices for children's cloths, and we knew from experience, the area was desperately lacking a quality young children's provision, that truly caters for babies, toddlers, infants, and especially, children with additional needs,

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